Custom Meeting Skin

Customize your Video Conference with your company logo

Make your MegaMeeting Professional and Enterprise Video Conferencing rooms match your company colours and unique look and feel with our custom skin option. For only £200 (Professional version/Private Branding Professional) or (Free with the Enterprise/Private Branding Packages) we can add your logo to the background of all of your guests and users of your Web Conferencing account, as well as match the colours of the logo to the top and side of the room. Looking for even more customization? If you require more extensive cosmetic changes, check out our Private Branding option exclusively for our Enterprise clients.

What will my skin look like?

Below is an example of what a skin can look like, including a diagram of what is changed:
Click Image to Enlarge Click Image to Enlarge
While the above images are a diagram, the bottom images are 'real world' examples of how the placement will look once setup:
Example of logo on the right Example of centered logo

Can I have a design as a full background image?

While you ARE able to have an image take up the full background area, this tends to distort the image when the browser is resized or on a widescreen monitor. See the example below:
Click Image to Enlarge
At 1024x768 resolution...
Click Image to Enlarge
...when the browser is resized, the background image is stretched and/or distorted and logo moves to adjust to new browser size.
If this is acceptable, simply indicate that you are aware of this when you submit your logo.

Submission Guidelines

Quick General Guidelines for Skin Submission:

Please send an email to admin@megameeting.co.uk with your logo attached in the following format:
  • 72 pixel resolution or better (Print quality if possible)
  • 400x400 or greater pixel size (if possible)
  • RGB/CMYK/Grayscale
  • File Types: JPEG-BMP-PSD-EPS-AI (NO Gif format if possible)